Healthy Workplace

In these unprecedented times, JBG SMITH is more committed than ever to delivering a workplace experience with the highest standards of operational excellence. With this in mind, we share with you the JBG SMITH Healthy Workplace Blueprint.  The health, safety, and wellbeing of our tenants, employees, and visitors is at the forefront of every item referenced in our Healthy Workplace Blueprint.

The links below provide you with an overview of the changes you can expect within a JBG SMITH office building. View the video, What to Expect When You Return to the Office, to get a video snippet of the updated egress at the building.  The JBG SMITH Healthy Workplace Blueprint will serve as a helpful tool for individuals to understand the adjustments to building protocols as they return to the office.

Our large, diverse, and expansive portfolio of buildings throughout the Washington, DC region necessitates certain modifications to this plan at the property level to address the operational specifics of your building.  As such, your dedicated property management and engineering teams created the JBG SMITH Healthy Workplace Building Plan that has building specific floor plans and a robust FAQ addressing any questions you may have.

In addition, we have provided the following attachments as resources for you to use to help facilitate your planning:

The professional relationship JBG SMITH shares with each of our tenants is paramount to everything we do and could not be more important during this time.  JBG SMITH welcomes your thoughts and comments to the Healthy Workplace Blueprint.  Please feel free to contact your on-site property management team or any other member of the JBG SMITH organization should you have any questions.


Jurisdictional Resources
Building Resources