Service Requests

Our tenants have the ability to submit service requests through our automated JBG SMITH Connect.  Typical service requests can include mechanical issues (conditions like too hot or too cold), burned out light bulbs, leaks, janitorial services, clogged toilets, electrical problems, minor repairs, after-hours HVAC services, etc.

JBG SMITH Connect provides our tenants the ability to quickly and easily initiate and track their requests for service and maintenance via the Internet and wireless technology. The system is easy to use; it delivers the request to the correct service personnel, so requests are handled promptly, and it sends confirmation e-mails to tenants so they know when their requests are completed. JBG SMITH Connect also provides accurate tracking of requests so that billing information is easily available, when applicable.

Your Property Manager will provide you with the necessary JBG SMITH Connect training and explain what is required to access it so that you or designated staff can submit and track your service requests from your computers.

Click this link to login to JBG SMITH Connect.