Fitwel Viral Response

In February 2021, JBG SMITH achieved Fitwel Viral Response Certification for its entire Commercial Office portfolio. With this certification, the Center for Active Design (CfAD), which operates Fitwel, has confirmed that JBG SMITH's approach to viral response aligns with evidence-based strategies for mitigating the spread of infectious respiratory diseases in the workplace.

Fitwel certification is a continuation of JBG SMITH's commitment to advancing tenants' well-being through health-promoting design and market-leading operational strategies. The Viral Response module focuses on the critical thematic goals, including enhancing the indoor air quality, rigorous cleaning standards, and clear communication on how tenants' and their employees' actions can improve the building's health environment.   

JBG SMITH has implemented thorough programs to meet these goals, including procedures related to indoor air and water quality management, enhanced cleaning, disinfecting, and maintenance protocols, and clear and consistent communication with tenants. These activities are vital in providing an indoor environment that supports tenant health, lessens the spread of illness, and helps employees be more productive in their work environments.

Icons_Sustainability-12_Filtration.png       Icons_Sustainability-10_Cleaning.png

Enhance Indoor Environment

  • Added new thresholds to our standard Indoor Air Quality program.
  • Developed a strategy for cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing common areas and high contact surfaces in our buildings.

Icons_Sustainability-14_FaceMask.png   Icons_Sustainability-16_SocialDist.png

Encourage Behavioral Change

  • Added health promotion signage.
  • Established PPE Guidelines and training.
  • Hand Hygiene promotion in our assets.

Icons_Sustainability-08_AirAndWater.png   Icons_Sustainability-11_TouchlessTech.png 

Building Occupant Trust

  • Established a Contagious Disease Outbreak Preparedness Plan.
  • Modified travel paths in our lobbies and common areas.
  • Ongoing community engagement.
  • Modified COVID sick leave and family support policies for our employees.